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Isiomer hypertonic drinkable 250 ml

100 % natural seawater, cold micro-filtered, free from additives and preservatives, according to the teachings of Professor Quinton.

34 gr of salt/litre.  

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Volume100 ml

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Packaged in brown glass bottles for orders destined for France and brown food grade plastic in accordance with EC norms (in order to ensure optimum quality and protect the marine plasma from the light) for all other destinations.


100 % natural seawater

Sourced from a guaranteed non-poluted area off the coast of St Malo (in Brittany, France).

Purified by microfiltration (0.22 u) at cold temperatures in order to preserve all of its attributes and make it sterile.

Free from additives and preservatives and non-ionized (without gamma ray).

Seawater is naturally high in mineral salts and trace elements. 

Main ingredients in seawater (source DEGENS, 1989) :

Sodium : 10,56 g/LMagnesium : 1,27 g/L
Calcium : 0,40 g/LPotassium : 0,38 g/L
Strontium : 0,013 g/LChloride : 18,98 g/L
Sulphate : 2,65 g/LHydrogen carbonates : 0,14 g/L
Bromide : 0,065 g/LFluoride : 0,001 g/L

Recommendations for use 

  • Recommended daily dose of 20 to 40 ml per day, preferably not at meal times.
  • Keep in the fridge after opening.
  • Not advised for those following medical treatment for hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Please discuss with your doctor.